150 kg of fresh pasta from Finland to Italy at Gluten Free Expo in Rimini

The Gluten Free Expo is the first and only certified international fair entirely dedicated to gluten-free products and diet. On 18 November 2015 in Rimini, the third edition of Gluten Free Expo Italy had its final day.

When the fair took place the first time it marked a new beginning in the food industry. The event was characterized by a renewed and growing interest in the event and the gluten-free world of food from visitors, exhibitors and the market alike.

Each year there has been a massive presence of Italian visitors, this year however, the Expo witnessed an increasing number of foreign visitors from all over the world: Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Australia and more. All the visitors had come to learn about the innovations and excellence in the gluten-free market.

Naturally, Gluto had to be there 🙂

Our own Marco Lembo, founder and father of Gluto tells us how the fair went for Gluto:

Hi Marco! What was the best thing about Gluten Free Expo for you?

Well, the best thing has being testing our product with the italian consumers and they responded beautifully to the taste and texture, as well as to the packaging and provenience of our pasta.

How was Gluto fresh pasta received by the visitors? Is there maybe one comment from a happy customer that you remember specifically?

Extremely well. We’re so happy to have convinced the Italian too. The best comment was probably “This seriously looks and taste as if it would be Italian”.

Did you find any other similar products there?

Not quite, we were the only vegan and gluten-free fresh pasta brand there. Every other producer uses preservatives, additives and/or eggs.

Do you know approximately how many people tasted Gluto pasta at the event? 

We made about 400 test portions and distributed more then 150 kg of fresh pasta from Finland.

Gluto & The Synergy Effect


It has been great three weeks for Gluto. We’ve been all over Europe at food fairs to present our delicious fresh pasta and we’ve received great feedback both from the industry and the consumers.

Last Sunday and Monday (Novmeber 1–2) we were in Malmö, Sweden at the Nordic Organic Food Fair and we had a blast. Not only did we get new contacts and new friends, we realised something that made us very happy. Gluto’s tagline, Everyone’s Invited, has always made sense for us internally, of course. We’ve highlighted the importance of pleasure in eating together and sharing the one and same dish with a group people; friends, family or colleagues, because we truly believe it’s crucial for a lovely meal. Nobody should eat alone, or be marginalised due to a specific diet, whether it’s chosen or a mandatory due to heath reasons. Food is very personal and people want to be able to eat the food that they like and that fits them the best. That’s why it was so important for us at Gluto to create a new, super delicious fresh pasta that solves all problems.

At the Nordic Organic Food Fair, we decided to call it The Synergy Effect. The great thing about Gluto is that not only is it organic and gluten-free, but it’s also 100 % vegan poof as we add no dairy nor eggs to our recipe. We’re also totally safe from any contamination of gluten, dairy, meat, nuts and soy. And of course we’ve left out all the rubbish we humans shouldn’t be eating in the first place, like preservative, colorants and other such additives. And no GMO corn either! Our ingredient list is short and sweet: corn flour, rice flour and pure Finnish water.  This is what we call The Synergy Effect of Gluto 🙂 We might have competing products out there, but none, as far as we know, have The Synergy Effect.

Many great things happen and opportunities open up to you if you only stay open and active. At Gluto we want to change the way people think about pasta, and fresh pasta especially. We also want everyone in the whole world to know that this kind of product exists, really, and that it’s super delicious 😉

We’re very excited to see what comes out of our new Nordic connections. Sweden and Denmark, Gluto is on its way to you!

Gluto has a new look!


Gluto is looking better than ever wrapped up in new packaging! We wanted to stay true to our bright green colour, but we wanted our pasta packages to be easier for all you eaters to open and close. Even though fresh pasta is fresh pasta, and it always tastes best straight after opening the package, now with the new bags it’s easier to keep some for the next day. Just remember to seal the bag properly 😉

We hope you like our little make over and still recognise out one-of-a-kind gluten-free and organic fresh pasta!

Gluto heading towards Malmö and the Nordic Organic Food Fair!


Hej Sverige, Här kommer Gluto!

We at Gluto have been travelling a lot these past few week! Woah! Italy, Germany and soon we’re packing our suitcases full of delicious organic gluten-free pasta once again and heading towards Malmö, Sweden to represent our brand and Finland at the Nordic Organic Food Fair November 1-2.

People always ask us if there are more celiacs and gluten intolerance in the Nordic countries than elsewhere. This is a difficult question to answer since many cases of gluten intolerance and/or celiac disease are still to be discovered. According to official data, it’s said that celiac disease is one of the most common genetic disorders, affecting approximately 1% of individuals worldwide. Nevertheless, we do think that the Nordics are more health-minded when it comes to food and are more willing to accept a change of diet as a cure or remedy for let’s say a bad stomach, a skin problem or energy loss.

At Gluto, most of us aren’t celiac or gluten intolerant, but we just like to eat a gluten-free diet because it’s delicious and it makes us feel much better and more energetic 🙂

With that spirit and good vibe, we hope that as many of you Nordic followers would come and say hi to us at the Nordic Organic Food Fair in Malmö. I’ll be great fun and there will be a lot of great food.

Vi ses!

Gluto at Cucina di Strada 8-11 October

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 13.05.48

Cucina di Strada is a four-day event on 8-11 October in Rome that pays homage to the deliciously easy and comforting street food of the Italian cuisine. Rome, the centre of Italian street food culture, is the perfect place for such an event.

Even tough pasta in its many shapes and forms is most often connected to home cooking, it’s in fact a type of street food too. Whether it’s fried or sautéd, filled or stuffed, pasta is a fast and tasty food to prepare with a simple burner and a pan on the street or in a food truck.


At Gluto we love to serve hungry people with easy treats. Our pasta is super fast to cook and it fits the culture of street food like a glove. Our artichoke filled ravioli are a perfect on-the-go snack when deep-fried! That’s why we’ll be there at Cucina di Strada in Rome serving you our tasty, gluten-free fresh pasta with a big smile.

For more information on the event, visit the website.

Gluto at Gluten Free Days Wellness Food Fest in Rome 10-11 October

locandina alta risoluzione_15-09-23-page-001

Are you in Rome or somewhere close by October 10-11? If you are, there’s a great opportunity to come and meet us and taste Gluto’s gluten-free fresh pasta at the Gluten Free Day Wellness Food Fest held in Rome, in the prestigious Palazzo dei Congressi. 

Gluten Free Day Wellness Food Fest is the only major event in Rome and southern Italy reserved specifically and entirely to food and good practices against all food intolerances. As an ode to the Milan Expo, Gluten Free Day expands its scope to “Wellness Food”, making the happening an innovative event that opens a space to all companies, from large international groups to small local producers, who push to make quality and innovation in food their trademark.

We at Gluto are very excited to be taking part of the Gluten Free Day Wellness Food Fest and we hope to make many new friends and connections in the world of quality gluten-free foods.

See you soon in Rome!

Gluto’s Artichoke Ravioli – Deep Fry It!


Dear followers and fans of Gluto fresh pasta,

We’ve got exciting (and immensely scrumptious) news! This will make some of you celiac or gluten intolerant foodies who’ve missed deep fried snacks very happy 🙂 Battered, deep fried snacks are usually the foods that you’ve had to keep away from. Right? Or if you’ve found such treats that are gluten-free they’re often not as crunchy or tasty as the “real deal”. Well, those days are long gone now. Founder of Gluto, Marco Lembo was recently in Rome, visiting various pasta restaurants to promote Gluto products when he got a terrific idea. Rome is the city known for its various sub food cultures, one of them being the Roman Jewish cuisine. One of the best known dishes of the Roman Jewish cuisine is carciofo alla giudìa, literally “Jewish style artichokes”. The recipe for carciofi alla giudià is simple, but slightly technical. You should chose artichokes of Romanesco variety, also known as “Globe artichoke”, for the most authentic result.

Roman artichokes are displayed in a market in downtown Rome March 28, 2006. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi keeps telling Italians to ignore the doomsayers and be positive. With the stagnant economy dominating the debate ahead of an April 9-10 general elections, many Italians say they are struggling to make ends meet and feel anxious about their future. To match feature Italy-Poor Photo taken March 28, 2006. REUTERS/Max Rossi

These varieties are harvested between February and April near the Roman coast, but can be bought at quality super markets or Farmer’s markets too. (Marco being a true Roman who loves his artchokes is one of the reasons why there’s artichoke filled ravioli in Gluto’s product selection.) So there he was, in Rome, eating Gluto’s artichoke ravioli and thinking: Why don’t we try frying them? It could be a fun new version of the classic Roman dish. And so he did, and what a delicious and surprising treat he created – the deep fried Gluto artichoke ravioli finger food was born, a beloved classic with a modern – gluten-free – twist.

Back home at the pasta factory in Helsinki, Marco shared his experiment and results with the team, and he wants everyone to try this at home. “It’s just SO good!”, Marco laughs. So if you know where to get Gluto’s gluten-free artchoke ravioli near you, go and get a package and heat up that deep frier!

Have a wonderful and super tasty day with Gluto!

Gluto is now supported by Finpro


We’re very excited to announce our collaboration with Finpro – an agency that helps Finnish SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes tourism.

Food has for a while now been used as a means to attract private people and companies to Finland. And why wouldn’t it be, Finland has great food culture and pure nature to produce delicious food! Gluto has since the beginning emphasised the importance of pure Finnish water in fresh pasta production. As some of you fresh pasta lovers might know, without good water you can’t make good pasta. We’re thrilled (and very lucky) to be tapping into such pure and clean resources, and we do the best we can to bring this forward with our products.

Because nobody is strong alone, we reached out to Finpro for support. Finpro believes that skillful and competitive Finnish companies can find plenty of interesting business opportunities in other countries. And since we at Gluto think that everyone all over the world should have the possibility to eat our delicious gluten-free pasta, it was a perfect match. Finpro works to help us to find new markets, to recognize their potential, and to transform them into profitable business opportunities.

Marco Lembo, founder of Gluto, tells us more over a short interview:

Hi Marco! Nice to talk to you! Finpro and Gluto have started collaborating. That’s great! Can you tell us a bit more, please?

– ML: Glutzero Finland, the company behind Gluto, is now part of Finpro’s “Food from Finland” project. The aim of the project is to double the export of Finnish food by the 2020. This gives Gluto fresh pasta great possibilities to get known around the world as a Finnish product.

What do you expect from this collaboration and why do you think Finpro wanted to support Gluto?

– ML: Pasta is one of the most beloved and known foods in the the world even though pasta is most often related to Italy. On the other hand, the concepts of cleanness and trustworthiness belong to the Nordic counties. This merging of knowhow and process gives our product that unique extra value. This is why Finpro has seen in our company a prospect of success and great possibilities on an international scale.

Will this collaboration change the way you work at Gluto?

– ML: Absolutely not. Our aim was and will always be to offer a unique product, made respecting the highest standards of hygiene, totally uncontaminated by gluten.

Will there be any exciting new products made at Gluto thanks to the collaboration?

– ML: This collaboration is meant to boost export of Finnish products to foreign markets. On our side, we believe that a respecting and embracing the needs and wishes of our international consumers and clients is more than necessary. So yes, I believe so.

What are the next steps for Gluto? 

– ML: Our next step is to get to know our new international clients and offer them the best possible gluten-free pasta products. There will be exciting news related to both new products and new markets. We look forward to it.

Thank you Marco for your time 🙂

Probably the most loved food in the world: pasta!


As the great Harold McGee, author in chemistry and history of food science says, “One of the simplest preparations of cereal flour gave us one of the most popular foods in the world: pasta”. And who doesn’t love pasta! It’s fun, tasty, easy and fast to cook––kids adore it, always and everywhere around the world. What’s also great about pasta is that depending on your cooking skills and level, you can make dishes that range from ultra easy to super complicated and highly technical. There really isn’t another food quite like pasta.

Italian pasta (the word in Italian literally just mean ‘dough’) is just one kind of pasta tough. In German pasta is referred to as ‘Noodle’ and signifies any other similar food to the Italian pasta but made outside the Italian traditional pasta-making. Even though Germans have their own pasta-like foods, it’s really two countries in the world that have made pasta the international bestseller food. The countries are China and Italy.

Now many of you might object, thinking that pasta and (rice of egg) noodles are two separate things, and you’re right. But you’re also wrong. If we strip down both foods––pasta and noodles––to mere ingredients we can see that indeed they’re the same thing: water, flour of some kind, sometimes eggs, sometimes not. What made Italian pasta different from it’s Chinese counterpart was the type of wheat they grew (and still grow massively) and used in Italy––durum wheat (or ‘grano duro’). Durum wheat is a mighty wheat variety; packed with the stuff we at Gluto steer away from, namely gluten. This type of wheat made it possible to dry pasta.

Fresh pasta, also an Italian invention, uplifted pasta to the category of more refined foods. Before, pasta was a neutral-flavoured side act on a dish where other, more potent ingredients had to have the limelight. Fresh pasta made pasta the protagonist and was served with little or no sauce or condiments. In China, noodle masters made “fresh noodles” too, but the outcome was often more gelatinous in texture and it would be steamed or stir-fried on a wok. The filling or condiment would still remain essential in the a noodle dish.

Today, we see pasta of all kinds. Even the ingredients used to make pasta are utmost creative: root vegetables, leguminous plants, algae just to name a few. Pasta is made with or without gluten. The latter is our expertise. At Gluto we experiment on recipes and new fun ingredients all the time. Even though we love a new pasta recipe we also like it when the dishes created with Gluto fresh pasta stay true to the flavours we remember from childhood. What can we say, Italians love their pasta! Nevertheless, we are delighted to get to know the many tricks and tips our followers invent using Gluto fresh pasta, so please keep us updated and informed.

With love for pasta… Have a nice weekend!


Gluto offers a kosher pareve/parve certified fresh pasta product line


Gluto also has a kosher fresh pasta product line.

The kosher certification is one of the most known food and dietary certifications worldwide. Because we want as many people as possible to enjoy Gluto fresh pasta, we decided to produce a specific product line according to kosher pareve/parve standards. The kosher certification is a proof of compliance to the strict policy of kosher food laws. The kosher certification refers to a set of complex biblical laws that determine all foods and ways of preparing food suitable for a Jewish person. But the kosher certification means much more than compliance to religious dietary rules. It is also a label of responsible food production: It assures cleanliness, purity and quality of the product and its entire production chain. To be certified kosher, all ingredients in every product must be kosher certified. A growing number of consumers are going kosher — not for religious reasons, but because they are convinced that kosher certified foods are safer and healthier. Even though such claims may be dubious, the strict rules for producing and certifying kosher food products may as well result in closer scrutiny of food safety issues. Added to that, getting the kosher certification isn’t easy. Kosher certification agencies send trained personnel to food factories to ensure that all of the restrictions of kosher laws are met in every stage of the production. This extra monitoring and safeguarding of certain health standards result in kosher products being extremely reliable. Back in spring we welcomed a kosher certification agent and a rabbi to our Gluto factory to perform all the needed checks and controls. In detail, every ingredient used to produce kosher certified food is inspected thoroughly through the production chain. Any traces of non-kosher substances are removed. Since kosher food laws prohibit the mixing of meat and dairy, such products are kept strictly separated under all condition. According to kosher dietary laws all foods are divided into three categories: meat, dairy and pareve. Gluto fresh pasta belongs to the last category of pareve foods. Pareve are food items that are neither meat nor dairy. The most common pareve foods are pasta, eggs, fish, fruit, vegetables, coffee and tea. As a matter of fact, pareve in our case is also a certification that makes our fresh pasta safe and suitable for vegans!